Fabbrica italiana shotgun

Please be sure to post images when you're asking what the value of your firearm s is. We find this to be a necessary tool when determining a value. Forum ' started by LabHunterApr 14, Log in or Sign up. Dismiss Notice Please be sure to post images when you're asking what the value of your firearm s is. Apr 14, 1. Joined: Apr 14, Messages: 1. It is a nice looking shotgun and appears to be well made. It has chrome lined barrels and case colored action.

It's stamped on the barrel that it was imported by Kassnar Imports of Harrisburg Pa. It has sentimental value so I'm not really looking for how much it's worth.

fabbrica italiana shotgun

I am interested in knowing something about manufacture and dependablity. Anyone know anything about this make of shotgun? LabHunterApr 14, Apr 14, 2.

fabbrica italiana shotgun

Joined: Jan 29, Messages: 5, The Sabatti guns imported by Kassnar and now by EAA are good-quality guns without the expensive hand-fitting and engraving of the higher-end models. As long as you maintain it properly, it will last a lifetime. Be careful, though, as parts availability is almost nonexistant.

CountryGunsmithApr 14, Jan 20, 3.

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Joined: Jan 20, Messages: 1. I have a Fias 12ga. It is very well balanced and seems to come up nicer than my Browning Belgium. I have had some mechanical issues about 10 years ago it was doubling that I had corrected.

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No ejectors although it was an option. I'm thinking of selling it now. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.Browse categories Directory Blog Login Register. Sell Your Gun. Air Guns. Other Guns. Gun Dogs. View all Rifles for sale Rifles by Category:. View all Shotguns for sale Shotguns by Category:. View all Deactivated for sale Deactivated by Category:.

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Please select a location from the drop-down list. Type Rifles 8. Shotguns 3. Region North West 6. West Midlands 3. East Midlands 1. South East 1. Gun Status Activated Sale Type Trade Expired ads. Want to see more Ads directly in your inbox?Moderator: shotgunworld. Posted: Wed Sep 03, am. Equipped with SST, AE, 3" chambers, a wide sporting rib, and external chokes, it was a pleasure to carry and shoot. During my time in the UK, I hunted pheasants on local leases and made several trips to Scotland to rough shoot pheasants, and ducks.

The gun was infallable. Never a problem. Over the years and several moves later, I found myself in the predicament of having the gun seperated from 3 of it's 5 chokes. Try as I might I have yet to locate the missing chokes.

Spoke with Roberto. He was well aware of the gun and stated that external chokes were no longer used Sabatti is currently imported by Charles Daly and that the current internal chokes would not fit.

In the end, Roberto said he would see if he could locate chokes that would fit. We exchanged contact info. Today early this AM! Thinking that it was an early call to work, I answered, albeit less than fully awake. It was Roberto from Sabatti. He was good to his word. That's what I call service! Too bad some of the US importers of Italian guns can't do the same - for current models. Would I buy another Sabatti?

Fabrica Italiana Armi Sabatti - 12 Gauge

Maybe Verona owners should be talking to Rizinni instead. Sorry for the long post. Posted: Thu Sep 04, am. Hello DogGone, Welcome to Shotgunworld.

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Great story. Certainly no apologies are needed for the post. It was a very interesting story and it was nice to hear that good customer service is alive and well.

fabbrica italiana shotgun

Posted: Fri Sep 12, am.Posted: Wed Oct 08, pm. Hello everyone!

Sabatti CTS Trap - shotgun test/review

First time poster here, been lurking for a while though. The wealth of information and knowledge here is amazing! So I had the chance to shoot sporting clays last week for the first time and now I'm hooked. I've scoured the internet and can find very limited info. It has modified chokes though and I'm not sure if I'll be able to find IC's? Anyone know anything about this gun? I've read a couple of good things that say they are a very respectable gun maker and then I've read something about being in line with a Charles Daly, which i've seen in action and wasn't impressed with.

Any info on this would be appreciated! Hopefully the image works:. Posted: Sat Oct 11, pm. Posted: Sun Oct 12, pm. That is very much an entry level gun. Personally I would keep looking. Posted: Sat Nov 22, pm. For what it is worth Charles Daly never made guns.

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They sold guns made for them by many makers Some Italian and Spanish makers in the mix. Sabatti is a very respected maker of shotguns. These Italian shotguns were made to all quality levels.

Good guns for the price point they sell at. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic.Rebecca Green.

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I used the gun on the sporting and trap layouts at the Fennes Shooting Ground in Essex. Although designated a Trap gun by name, it is intended for all-round use as noted. Suitably choked, it could happily manage sporting, DTL and domestic skeet.

It was comfortable to shoot with neutral handling characteristics. There were no issues with mechanical function at all. The bottom line?

The Sabatti CTS would be an ideal first or second gun for someone starting serious clay shooing. I was generally impressed with it.

The gun has integrity. The price is right. The style of decoration was not quite my thing, but that is easily changed. A substantial family concern, they manufacture guns under their own name and also for other brands.

This is one of the toughest of all jobs concerning double-gun fabrication, and it was good to see so much handwork going into them and real effort expended on range to get them just right. Returning to the test gun, it is a fairly big beast, and rather reminiscent of an old silver-actioned Beretta It hits the scales at something over 8lbs. The silver-finished action has a gold clay inset. No one is going to mistake the application, though my preference would have been for plain action decoration on a competition gun.

Bringing the CTS to the shoulder, one is immediately aware that this is a big, heavy gun. A practical, well-balanced and robust competition shotgun? A gun that will allow you to nurture your passion without breaking the bank?Shift forwards to and Antonio went into partnership with a chap called Giuseppe Tanfoglio to design and manufacture a range of shotguns and semi-automatic pistols, the dissolution of the partnership resulting in the current business.

One of the first to appear on the shelves being the Adler, an Italian built over-under with a German name that in English means Eagle.

Starting with the semi-oiled woodwork, the first point of note is the London style forend, this instantly adding a degree of elegance to the Adler, the neat panels of chequering that run either side adding to both the looks and tractability of this most usable design.

The barrels and chambers in turn feed into a mechanical lockwork alloy boxlock action based on the now almost universally familiar Italian design.

The action itself has a satin finish with an understated panel of bordered scroll engraving with the Sabatti script inlayed just below.

The only break in the ornamentation occurs on the automatic safety and barrel order catch and the deep radiused, gold-plated trigger-blade, the curvature of which when combined with the deep ovoid guard makes for ease of use and access for the gloved hand. It always helps when the first shot you fire takes out its target, the Adler levelling out an unsuspecting crow within three minutes of loading up in the courtyard of Huntroyde Hall.

Broken over the arm the Adler might as well not actually be there, the gun as balanced when open as it is closed and ready for business. Certainly not designed as a clay breaker, the Adler also proved its effectiveness on a few impromptu targets. For any Italian shotgun, especially one designed for shooting game, to be worthy of the distinction they should be light, lithe, stylish and deft of handling. As a rule three out of the four will put a shotgun of note in your hands but the Adler scores four out of four.

It positively leaps to the shoulder and locks onto its intended target with devilish ease, all the while this little more than looking the part. Buying a Gun or Accessory, Choose from 's of items for sale Model: Sabatti Adler Calibre:.

Gun Mart.The Beretta Holding Group, controlled by the Beretta family, owns firearm manufacturers Beretta, Benelli, Franchi, Uberti, Sako, and Stoeger, as well as their international distributors and subsidiaries, and the optics manufacturer Burris. The company is located in the village of Gardone Val Trompia, in northern Italy. In addition to its sporting pedigree - more Olympic Games, World Championships and international competitions have been won with Beretta shotguns than any other - Beretta supplies arms to militaries and police forces across the globe.

One of its most prestigious contracts is with the United States Military, to which Beretta has provided the M9 handgun since Beretta Armi is the oldest continuously operating firearm manufacturer in the world, having received its first recorded order, from the Arsenal of Venice, in The company has remained under the control of the Beretta family since that time - fifteen generations in total - and the family is very active in the day-to-day operations of the business. Gardone Val Trompia is a small comune township approximately ten miles north of Brescia, Italy.

Mountains crowd Gardone on what seems like all sides, and a small river runs through parts of the town. It could hardly be described as more than a quaint village, and yet, some of the world's largest and most prestigious firearms manufacturers are located here - including the nearlysquare meters of factory space occupied by Beretta. The Beretta factory is broken up into smaller elements, some connected by bridges that cross streets and the river, others that are located a short distance away, but still within the town.

Perhaps the most visually impressive element of the Beretta factory - or, for that matter, in the town - is the Beretta Mansion.

Constructed in the 19th Century to house the Beretta clan, today it serves many functions, from greeting visitors to the company and providing an exclusive environment for business discussions to containing the Beretta Museum.

The many different buildings used for production, assembly, and administrative purposes can be divided into three different groups. Beretta labels the first "Casa Beretta," which includes the mansion, and the second "Beretta Uno," the older, and larger, section of the factory, containing most production and almost all assembly areas, and is currently composed of 67, square meters of covered space.

The third compound is labeled "Beretta Due," and is a newer expansion in the southern part of the town.

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It houses some production facilities, as well as the master engravers who produce Beretta's premium firearms, and contains 20, square meters of covered space. Because space is at a premium in Gardone, Beretta has in some cases expanded vertically. Although the heaviest materials and machinery must remain on the ground floor, assembly operations are divided into firearm categories and assigned to various floors of one of the main factory buildings. For example, one floor is dedicated to side-by-side and over-under shotguns such as the, DT10, and Ultralight, while another assembles only semi-automatic shotguns such as the AL and A Xplor.

Despite the stability of being owned and managed by the same family for centuries, Beretta's manufacturing processes have been in a constant state of change for over years, as it adopted the newest and most efficient theories and practices. Beretta was one of the first companies in Italy to introduce numerical control machines, inand it did so in a big way: by buying an Italian company, MI-VAL, that manufactured these machines.

Shop F.I.A.S. (Fabrica Italiana Armi Sabatti) Gun Parts

One of the biggest advantages of computer-controlled machinery is that tool changes are done by the machine itself, or in some cases, by robots that tend to the machines. This enables a more efficient workflow, for in the past, tools had to be changed by hand, and were thus subject to the vagaries of humanity.

fabbrica italiana shotgun

In addition, the machines can work around the clock, requiring little supervision. In the event of a problem requiring human attention, the machines at Beretta can telephone a human supervisor at his home in the middle of the night - but this does not happen often.

Given the company's emphasis on technological innovation, efficiency, and reducing the number of employees on the production floor, one might think that the craftsmanship required to produce matchlock and flintlock firearms in years past had been lost, surrendered as unnecessary in the face of robots and computers.

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