Dsc 5020 programming manual

Last Updated: March 29, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been viewed 29, times. Learn more DSC alarms can go off for a number of reasons.

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Once the alarm is off, try to find out why it went off. The most common reasons include power failures, intruders, smoke, and problems with the phone line. These simple steps will have your alarm system back to normal in less than 5 minutes! Every day at wikiHow, we work hard to give you access to instructions and information that will help you live a better life, whether it's keeping you safer, healthier, or improving your well-being.

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dsc 5020 programming manual

By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of Open the access door and enter your master code twice. Pull down the panel that covers the keypad on your alarm system. After this, simply enter your 4 digit master code, wait 2 seconds, and then enter it again. This step will also reset the trouble light, armed light, and memory light.Table of Contents. The entire manual should be carefully read.

See associated Installation Manuals.

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Page 6 PC Wiring Diagram Page 9 DLM-4L v1. Page Section 2: Installation And Wiring Section 2: Installation and Wiring The following sections provide a complete description of how to wire and configure devices and zones.

Short Term. Available only with stand-by bat- tery connected. Page Keypad Assignment 8. Do not assign more than one keypad to the [21] PC same slot. Enter Installer Programming On occasion, hexadecimal HEX digits may be required.

Page Viewing Programming 3. When a programming section is entered, the keypad will immediately display the first digit of information pro- grammed in that section. The keypad displays the information using a binary format, according to the following chart: See Hex data The LCDZ keypad provides a written description on the display and uses function indicator lights to communicate alarm status to the user.

Page Arming And Disarming 4. Press [95] to save the group. Page 21 24 hour zones. Instructions on viewing alarms in hour format i. Page Function Keys 4. The operation of these keys is options. Page For The Record 5. Each two digit num- each zone. Remove these pages and retain for reference. These tampers include zone tampers DEOL24 hour latching tamper zone type, module and keypad tampers. All zones are wired as normally closed circuits with returns con- nected to a COM terminal.

The end-of-line resistor is not required. An alarm will be gener- Option ated when the circuit is opened. Pressing and holding the [F] key for 2 seconds will generate a Fire alarm. The keypad will sound a set of 3 beeps to acknowledge the valid alarm and the bell Option or siren will pulse one second on, one second off if option 8 of Section [] is disabled Standard Fire option.

Page Sixth System Option Codes When an audible non-fire zone goes into alarm with this feature is enabled, the PC will sound the alarm condition via the Bell Outputs, but every 15 seconds as programmed in the Alarm Tone Period — The default value is attempts. Valid entries are If a value higher than 15 is pro- Sections [] through [] allow the Installer to program seven grammed in Section [], the panel will still only dial 15 attempts.

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Page Partition And Zone Programming 5. To program the telephone num- []-[] - Partition Zone Assignments ber enter numbers 0 through 9 as required. Partitions and Zone Assignment Pressing [ ] in these sections from an LED keypad will exit and A partition is a limited area of the premises which will operate Only SIA supports six digit account codes.Forgot your Password?

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DSC PC5020, POWER864 User Manual

Community Member List. Forum Actions Mark Forums Read. Quick Links View Forum Leaders. DSC PC few quick question. Thread Tools. I've also read that a lot of poeple don't have it plugged.

dsc 5020 programming manual

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That ground is not generally needed. Earth ground is only really needed for older telephone systems, and some local jurisdictions.

Check with your local electrical AHJ to see if they require low voltage transformer isolated devices to be earth grounded. The version is just fine.The DSC shares the same programming as theand the as they are basically the same panel, with a different number of zones, etc. Default Installer code: Default Master code: You should hear 3 beeps, one long beep means incorrect code.

When programming a DSC you need to enter a 3-digit location number. Pressing will take you back out of the location and into 'programming limbo', where you can enter another location.

To exit programming mode completely, you need to press from 'programming limbo'. If you are in a location, just push a couple times and you will get out. This will revert all programming back to factory defaults. First you must power the panel down.

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Next, remove any wiring from the zone 1 terminal and the PGM 1 terminal. Get a short loop of wire and link zone 1 and PGM 1. Power the panel up and after 10 seconds everything should be defaulted and you can remove the wire loop.

If not, the panel may be locked. All hardwired zones can be either normally closed no resistorssingle EOL with a 5. To set the zone EOL resistor value, go to location Fire zones must be wired differently. Regardless of how location is programmed, a fire zone should have a 5. Use zone type 08 for hardwired smoke detectors and 88 for wireless smoke detectors. Zones need a 2-digit zone type assigned for them to work. As you programme each 2-digit zone type, it will jump to the next zone.

When you finish all 16 zones in that location, it will leave the location. If you are only programming the 6 on board zones, just press when you have programmed the last zone you wish. To skip a zone press the arrow key twice. The zone type will determine how the zone will work.

Assign the zone to a partitionby default only zones are assigned to partition 1. Location toggles zones into partition 1, locations toggles zones into partitionsif you have enabled other partitions in location Zone attributescan be changed to alter how the zone works. Each zone type has set attributes, but you can change them after you assign the zone type. To set up a wireless zone, there are a few key things that need to be programmed.

You can programme any of the first 16 zones to be wireless; although it's recommended to leave the onboard zones as you can utilize them later. Once in location it will be looking for the 2-digit zone type of zone 1, so press the arrow key twice to skip each zone. When you are at your zone slot, enter the zone type you want to assign the wireless zone.

If it's a fire zone, use zone type You cannot use any of these zone types: 07, 08, 09, 29, or Press to leave zone types. Location is for zones Set zone to wireless in location 1XX, where XX is the zone number you are using.

Use for zone 9; if you were using zone 14, you would use location Toggle number 8 on to set the zone to wireless.The entire manual should be carefully read. The following chart lists the basic functions of your system alphabetically, and the keys to press for each function. Refer to the listed page number for more information. NOTE: Some functions may not be available on your system.

Ask your installer for more information. Displays LCD Keypads Status Lights All Keypads Number Pad All Keypads Function Buttons All Keypads Emergency Keys All Keypads How Your System Works Fire Detection Remote Monitoring Getting Ready to Arm Your System Arming Your System Away Arming Stay Arming Quick Arm Automatic Arming Quick Exit Disarming Your Security System Fire Alarms Intrusion Burglary Alarms Viewing Alarms in Memory Calling for HelpWARNING This manual contains information on limitations regarding product use and function and information on the limitations as to liability of the manufacturer.

The entire manual should be carefully read. Installation Manual PC Version 3. It supports up to 64 zones, 8 separate partitions, and 32 users. The user interface is simple and easy to use. The LCDZ keypad guides users through their available options with easy-tounderstand prompts. You can program the outputs to control things such as doorstrikes and lights, using 21 different output options see section 5. Read the entire manual carefully before beginning your installation.

If you will be adding modules to your Power system, please read the Installation Instructions that come with each module. User Manual One user manual comes with the Power system.

Installers should also review this manual, in order to properly instruct the end-users once the installation is complete. Keypads A maximum of 8 keypads can be connected to the control panel.

You can connect any combination of the following listed. Different keypads with function keys can be used for different size systems: 8 zone, 16 zone, 32 zone, and 64 zone.

PC Eight Zone Expander Module Eight zone expander module can be used to increase the number of zones on the system. Up to 7 modules can be connected to increase the system zones to a maximum of PC v1. See the PC Installation Manual for details. Introduction: 1. The unit comes with 1 mini 12V battery not user changeable. This system can have a maximum of 16 Wireless Keys.

DSC PC5020 Manuals

The system can have a maximum of four Wireless Handheld Keypads.You may want to limit the number of nodes allocated to a given job, especially if you share your project with others and potentially run jobs (both training and prediction) concurrently.

The online prediction service scales the number of nodes it uses to maximize the number of requests it can handle without introducing too much latency. To do that, the service:Scales the number of nodes in response to request traffic, adding nodes when traffic increases, and removing them when there are fewer requests.

Keeps at least one node ready to handle requests even when there are none to handle. It scales down to zero when your model version goes several minutes without a prediction request. The service keeps your model in a ready state as long as you have a steady stream of requests. In this way each prediction can be served promptly.

dsc 5020 programming manual

However, it can take a long timetens of seconds, maybe as much as a few minutesto initialize nodes to serve a request when the service has scaled down to zero. Cloud ML Engine automatic scaling for online prediction can help you serve varying rates of prediction requests while minimizing costs. However, it is not ideal for all situations. The service may not be able to bring nodes online fast enough to keep up with large spikes of request traffic. If your traffic regularly has steep spikes, and if reliably low latency is important to your application, you may want to consider manual scaling.

You can affect the scaling of online prediction for a model version by specifying a number of nodes to keep running regardless of traffic.

How To Program DSC NEO From the Keypad

Setting the number of nodes manually actually stops the service from scaling, which means that the number of nodes you specify will always be ready, and you will be charged continuously for them.

You should avoid this unless the number of requests your model receives inherently fluctuates faster than the automatic scaling can keep up. You set the number of nodes to use by setting manualScaling in the Version object you pass to projects.

The data you use for getting predictions is new data that takes the same form as the data you used for training. Online and batch prediction both use the same data (the features of your model), but they require different formats depending on which type of prediction and which interface you use. These formats are summarized in the following table, and described in more detail in the sections below:The basic format for both online and batch prediction is a list of instance data tensors.

DSC PC5020 Installation Manual

You cannot embed JSON objects. Lists must contain only items of the same type (including other lists). You may not mix string and numerical values. If you have binary data in your inputs, you must use base64 encoding to represent it.

dsc 5020 programming manual

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