1996 rm250 specs

On top of that seemingly earth-shattering news from Japan, front end changes are just the tip of the iceberg on the RM It turns out, the '96 RMX lags along with minor updates to last year's engine, while the '96 RM gets a truly new motor right down to the cases. It used to be that when you wanted to hop up your RMX, all that was required was a little browsing through the same year RM parts fiche.

This is not the case for Suzuki's '96 quarter-liter offerings, as you'll have to revert to the '95 RM parts bin for help. However, look for the '97 RMX follow suit with the new motor that includes dimensional changes longer strokecylinder reed induction system vice case reedan improved water pump design that moves the pump and impeller within the cases for better crash protection, completely redesigned clutch actuation linkage and a fully removable subframe.

Any way, enough history. The new fork is enough to stir our interest, and with a little help from local dealer Taylor Toussaint of Mt. Nothing new here. On a more positive note, the new conventional slider front end is graced with bellows-type fork boots while the RM comes with roost guardscomplete with plastic fork underhang guards, and a front disk protector as well. Enduro goodies like a mechanical odo, a wide ratio five speed transmission, heavyweight flywheel, plastic rear disk and caliper guards, an o-ring chain, three gallon fuel cell, lighting coil, headlight and tail light, leave woods hounds little to howl about.

From a maintenance and reliability viewpoint, zerk fittings are found on all rear linkage pivot points, and a new, RM-esque, two ring piston graces the engine.

GP Classic Steel #15 – 1996 Suzuki RM250

Rounding out the package, cast foot pegs that replicate in looks, anyhow expensive works pegs machined from billet stock bolster this important rider interface. In a nutshell, this bike is loaded.

For our riding session, we left the RMX totally stock, and made no changes to jetting, suspension, or exhaust hardware. The motor proved an easy starter, even in the 40 degree temperatures of late November.

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With the choke on, it maintained a steady idle during warm-up, although it might have hinted of richness and the potential to load up.

Warmer temperatures would likely demand a turn of the airscrew or otherwise leaner jetting, which should be no problem on the familiar Keihin PJ38 carb.

Suzuki RM250: history, specs, pictures

For initial suspension setup, the fork compression adjusters were set at 13 clicks out from full hard and had an advertised range of Interestingly though, we counted the adjustment range and only came up with 15 clicks.

Similarly, fork rebound was set at 12 clicks from full damping while the advertised 18 rebound detents conflicted with our 23 clicks measured.I'm looking to rebuild a pair of 96 RM forks and no one offers 96 rebuild kits. Only 97 rebuild kits.

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For that matter, they were the same as right? Pretty sure they are all the same, meaning 49mm Showa seals, wipers and bushings should all be the same dimensions so even the kits for the new TAC air forks should work.

Thanks guys. That link was interesting. Still not sure why pivot works only sells a 97 kit unless there are some orings of differing sizes or some minute detail. Ive actually had good luck with their stuff so I'll give the 97 rebuild kit a whirl. Even if I pick up some nok seals its tough to beat the price of those bushes.

Anyone know about the 96 RMX forks? Mine have the small hex on the cap and a long overhang on the bottom leg. I got a reply for Pivot Works and there are about 4 orings included in their fork rebuild kit that won't work for They are completely different forks than the RM. Old school open cartridges inside the conventional fork made to look like the twin chambers on the RM.

Don't think they are even 49mm, maybe mm. More underhang 20mm and internal differences. My 97 from a few years ago had abroken comp adjuster and crushed damping cup.

I ordered an 80 dollar shipping includes set of forks from eBay. When they came in and were disassembled,I found gold valves, resprung, plus new springs at the fork upper assembly also. Those things were the best forks ever! Nice whit those picsbut do you know if the 97 and the 98 springs interchange.

I weigh about and I ride mostly trails but am known to build some decent sized jumps from time to time so id probably want medium stiffness. Thanks for any advice! Back in 87' I had a set of conventional CR cartridge forks on my Cr The forks came off an 87 CR and the owner before me removed the original cartridges installed the Mugen cartridge kit. I have never rode anything since That resembled the first few inches of plushness on tiny ripple bumps, roots, rocks etc.

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1996 rm250 specs

If you have extensive experience with the MC, please send us a review. If you consider buying this bike, you should view the list of related motorbikes Look at photos. Compare technical specs. And check out the rating of the bike's engine performance, reliability, repair costs, etc. You can compare the rating with other bikes.

Rating sample for this Suzuki bike. Touring capabilities for the Suzuki GN You can also compare bikes.Quick Links. Table of Contents. Part No. Page 2 This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle and should remain with the motorcycle when resold or otherwise transferred to a new owner or operator. The manual contains important safety information and instructions which should be read carefully before operating the motorcycle.

Page 3 Please read this manual and follow its instructions This manual is presented as a means whereby you carefully. Your riding skill and the maintenance and NOTE have special meanings. Page 4 You need to prepare for the unex- pected by wearing a helmet and other protective gear, and practicing safe riding techniques to minimize the damage to you and your machine. May all of your rides on your new Suzuki be winning rides! The engine serial num- ber 2 is stamped on the right side of the crankcase assembly.

Write down the serial numbers here for your future reference. Frame No. Exhaust gas contains carbon mon- it properly. Gasoline vapors can catch fire oxide, a gas that is colorless and odorless easily. Use engine oil or transmission SS or equivalent rear suspension oil. For Canada Use only unleaded gasoline of at least 95 octane Research Method. Page 15 — MEMO — Follow the guideline in the chart. The life of parts varies depending on the riding conditions.

Perform more often than shown in the chart if you use the motorcycle under severe conditions. NOTE: Remove the dirt around the spark plug before removing the spark plug to prevent dirt from entering the combustion cham- ber.

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NOTE: Running the engine without the air cleaner box lid can vary the carburetion. Do not run the engine without the air cleaner box lid.

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Cap to the front. Air cleaner box front wall NOTE Wait until the oil drain plug and exhaust pipe become cool enough to touch with bare hands before draining oil.

1996 rm250 specs

Drain oil thoroughly. Do not open the radiator cap when the engine is hot. Wait until engine cools. Keep engine coolant away from children and pets. Call your doctor immediately if engine coolant is swal- lowed and induce vomiting.Forty-five years ago, motocross was an obscure European sport. In America, we loved flat track and hill climbing. Even in Europe, road racing was a far more popular sport.

1996 rm250 specs

No one really saw any future in the cult sport of motocross. No one, that is, besides a group of very insightful people at Suzuki. It was all about gut instinct and passion. The program came to life through the efforts of Mr. Both men were passionate about racing and for some reason, motocross captured their imagination. His first recommendation was for only one change to the existing bike. He told them to throw it away and start over.

That set in motion an amazing success story that resulted in a legacy of World Championships, beginning with Joel Robert in Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki were years behind and even the European makers were stunned. Something had to change. In Suzuki made a commitment to not only improve its production bikes, but to make them worthy of their works-bike counterparts.

From that point on, it can honestly be said that there was never a bad bike that carried the RM prefix. Who got third place that year? Funny you should ask; it was none other than Roger DeCoster. Roger was on a CZ that year, but he would join Suzuki the next year to ride the class. In the U.

1996 rm250 specs

Eventually, its MX legacy climaxed with Ricky Carmichael. But that was only part of the story. The RM made a great off-road bike. Rodney Smith came very close to winning the event overall on an RM in The Suzuki RM was a single cylinder, two-stroke motocross motorcycle produced by Suzuki between and Max torque was Claimed horsepower was The engine was a liquid cooled single cylinder, two-stroke.

Stopping was achieved via single disc in the front and a single disc. The front suspension was a showa inverted 47mm front forks while the rear was equipped with a link type. The RM was fitted with a 2. The bike weighed just The wheelbase was The MY RM has received several revisions aimed at improving the power delivery.

A lighter flat-top piston, redesigned exhaust ports, and piston rings have been used, and the carburetor was rejetted, also. At the same time the fork grew thicker, with new shocks and a new rear linkage for better progressive action. Ergonomics have been tweaked, alongside the brakes, and the bike got a stronger frame and better clutch cable adjustment.

1996 rm250 specs

The MY RM is a two-stroke quarter-liter dirt racing machine which has been used by Ricky Carmichael and he proved that it is indeed a champ's bike. Quick throttle response, amazing power and torque for riding hard and excellent damping capabilities, even when landing really tall jumps.

The engine and the frame of the bike have both been massively updated and provide more performance and reliability. The brakes and bars have also been updated for this model year. Maybe you won't become the next Carmichael, but at least you can give life your best shot.

This quarter-liter dirt racer receives a redesigned seat with textured side panels for better grip, redesigned exhaust ports, revised engine placement inside the chassis, while the suspensions have also been tweaked and made lighter. This quarter-liter 2-stroke is now more maneuverable thanks to the optimized mass distribution and you'll be able to get more from the 5-speed transmission whether you'll be riding fast and jumping mounds or drifting around corners.

The RM is the epitome of power and racing spirit in the world of motocross competition bikes. Suzuki delivers a mean beast which can take almost any rider by surprise, as the brute power and explosive torque this two-stroke quarter-liter liquid-cooled single are something to be reckoned with. This bike is a tough-as-nails engineering marvel and can also take a beating. The strong chassis is complemented by racing-grade Showa suspensions with enhanced adjustability, while the pegs and bars are also complying with the rigors of hard riding.

Cue powerful hydraulic brakes, precise cornering and a narrow, easy-to-flip profile for the ultimate ride. From CycleChaos. Suzuki RM Manufacturer Suzuki. Western Power Sports. List of Suzuki motorcycles. Categories : Motocross motorcycles Suzuki motorcycles Suzuki RM series s motorcycles s motorcycles s motorcycles s motorcycles s motorcycles. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history.

This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat Gear box: 5-speed Final Drive: chain Clutch: Wet multi-disc, manual. Front: showa inverted 47mm front forks Rear: link type.For this edition of Classic Steel, we are going to take a look back at the all-new Suzuki RM Totally redesigned forthe all-new RM proved to be the best yellow deuce-and-a-half in nearly a decade.

Photo Credit: Suzuki. The Suzuki RM was all-new for and a major departure from the bike it replaced. Their motors had been long on punch but short on breath, making them difficult to ride. The handling had been even worse, with an unsettled feel and terrible stability. Even the all-new RM was not immune to the rampant purple craze that infected the motocross industry in the mid-nineties. For some unknown reason, every manufacturer felt an uncontrollable need to plaster their bikes with various shades of grape.

Believe it or not, this RM graphic was actually tasteful by nineties standards. Both the RM and RM were all-new designs for Inthe Honda CRR was considered the gold standard in cc motocross motors. The CR produced an extremely broad, torquey power delivery that was both fast and brutally effective.

Starting with the model, Suzuki had been using a case-reed design on its RMs to less than stellar effect. The case-reed design, while very effective on small motors like s, had not proven particularly successful at providing a broad power curve on s.

Too often, it resulted in a short and abrupt style of power that made the bike difficult to ride. Suzuki aimed for the all-powerful Honda CRR motor with their new engine and just missed the mark.

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While it was not the most powerful motor in the class, the new RM mill was competitive and a major improvement over previous Suzuki efforts. The RM featured an all-new motor design that did away with the case-reed intake entirely.

In its place, Suzuki went back to a more traditional cylinder-reed intake that they hoped would broaden the power over previous designs. When studying the new motor, it became pretty clear that Suzuki had looked to the CR motor for inspiration with their new motor design. The internal dimensions on the RM were identical to the CR and even the kickstarter and pipe appeared to have been lifted right off the red machine.

This gave the motor a slightly odd appearance and a unique sound, but also prevented any potential crash damage to the normally vulnerable pump. They provided a plush feel and gobbled up everything on the track with aplomb.

Bike Test: 1996 Suzuki RMX 250

For anything short of Supercross they were absolute magic. The main advantage of USD forks was their inherent stiffness that allowed pros to literally smash into obstacles. Unfortunately, that rigid feel that pros appreciated, tended to punish riders of average skill.

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The new 49mm Showa conventional forks were designed to bring back some of the plushness of older designs, while still offering the rigidity the pros desired. One of the major complaints about conventional forks had always been their propensity to get hung-up in ruts. Even though it was clear he was not a fan of the new machine, he would end up scoring an overall victory at Washougal in August.

Photo Credit: Motocross Action. Out back, the RM featured an all-new Showa shock and totally redesigned linkage.

THE LAST NEW 2 STROKE ;1996 Suzuki RM250T - Brand New

Instead of using fork boots as had been the practice in the eighties, Suzuki decided to design and all-new oversized plate that included extensions that covered the upper portions of each fork leg. This was done to simplify packaging fewer hoses and lessen the change of suffering damage in a crash. Photo Credit: Stephan LeGrande. Photo Credit: Stephan LeGrand. On the track, the new RM proved to be a serious improvement over the lackluster machine it replaced.

The new motor pulled strongly off the line and produced a solid mid-range burst. Top-end power was not astounding, but the overall powerband was wide and easy-to-manage. It lacked the holeshot-ripping midrange blast of the CRR, but was more than competitive below the pro class.

On the dyno, the RM motor was no superstar.

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